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An Introduction to Late Antique Epigraphy in the Holy Land - Leah Campagnano Di Segni

An Introduction to Late Antique Epigraphy in the Holy Land

A thorough study on Greek and Latin epigraphy in the Holy Land.

The ethnic pluralism of the Holy Land is unparalleled elsewhere. Whatever period of history, or even of prehistory, one chooses to consider, the land, due to its geographical position, was always home to diverse ethne and cultures and a capturer of influences from nearby and faraway countries.

The same pluralism accounts for an unparalleled coexistence of languages and scripts. Greek and Latin, Hebrew, Jewish, Christian and Samaritan Aramaic, each with its own script, pre-Islamic Arabic in Nabataean and Old Arabic scripts, the occasional Syriac, Palmyrene, Armenian and Georgian inscriptions, Safaitic and Thamudic graffiti in the eastern and southern fringes: all are attested in late antique Holy Land, sometimes influencing one another in vocabulary and formulas. Still, Greek is the prevailing vehicle of written communication from its first appearance in the region in the fourth century BCE to the end of Late Antiquity in the late eighth or early ninth century, and it will draw most of the attention in these pages.

Language: English
Number of pages: 254
Format: Illustrated book
Year of publication: 2022
ISBN: 9791254711170

Publisher: TS Edizioni
Collection: Collectio minor


Leah Campagnano Di Segni (Carpi 1947), dottore in Lettere nel 1970 all'Università di Bologna, ha studiato all'Istituto di Archeologia all'Università ebrea di Gerusalemme dove ha anche lavorato come ricercatrice. Autrice di numerosi articoli e libri, tra cui ricordiamo "Dated Greek Inscriptions from Palestine from the Roman and Byzantine Periods, Jerusalem" 1997.

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