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The Franciscan Presence in the Holy Land + DVD Terra Sancta

The Franciscan Presence in the Holy Land + DVD Terra Sancta

Book and DVD

In a film lasting 3.40′ we witness the unfolding of a journey without equals against the backdrop of exclusive and highly suggestive images: an overview complete with computer-generated geographical illustrations including maps and charts, essential historical descriptions and accurate biblical and archaeological references. The descriptive aspects helping the pilgrim-visitor to plan  out his or her itinerary are joined with an invitation to embark upon a bigger renewal, accompanied throughout by the words of the friars. The brochure The Franciscan Presence in the Holy Land cointains brief historical and statistical data. It presents the various religious and social aspects of the ecclesial work, the message of the Holy Places, the ministry of hospitality to pilgrims, as well as the ecuumenical and academic activity of the Custody.
Mount Nebo  2. Nazareth  3. Ain Karem  4. Bethlehem  5. Desert of Judah  6. Qumran  7. Cana of Galilee  8. Lake Tiberias  9. Capernaum  10. Tabgha  11. Mount of Beatitudes  12. Mount Tabor  13. Bethany  14. Dominus Flevit    15. Jerusalem  16. Bethphage  17. Cenacle  18. Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives  19. Via Dolorosa  20. Holy Sepulchre  21. Emmaus – Extra Chapter Custody of the Holy Land
Languages and subtitles
(Book and DVD): Italiano, English, Français, Español, Deutsch
The DVD cannot be sold apart

Lingua: Inglese
Numero pagine: 125
Formato: Libro
Anno di pubblicazione: 2011
ISBN: 9788862400091
Durata: 210 min

Editore: Edizioni Terra Santa

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