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Holy Land. Archaeology on Either Side

Holy Land. Archaeology on Either Side

Archaeological Essays in Honour of Eugenio Alliata ofm

Three main sections: “Excavations and Topographical Surveys”;
“Architecture, Decorations, and Art”; “Epigraphy and Sigillography”

The title of the volume may be a little perplexing: Archaeology on Either Side. But on either side of what?

The picture we chose for the front cover might give an indication of the answer. This image shows two sides of the River Jordan – the Israeli side and the Jordanian side – both part of the Holy Land! Or we might understand the “either side” of our topic in another way, that is, archaeology both as the study of artifacts and archaeology as the study of literary sources.

In the contributions the reader will find all these topics and much more: essays on excavations or archaeological findings in the Holy Land as defined above, and essays on literary sources linked to the history of the ancient Near East, especially in the time of the Christian/Common Era (CE).

The book is made up of three main sections: “Excavations and Topographical Surveys”; “Architecture, Decorations, and Art”; “Epigraphy and Sigillography”. Some articles touch on more than one specific section, so they may be found between sections.

Gli Autori

Ashkenazi Jacob – Aviam Mordechai – Backner Tamar – Ben-Ami Doron – Bianchi Davide – Briffa Josef Mario SJ – Burger Sharon – Callegher Bruno – Dauphin Claudine – Di Segni Leah – Friedman Zaraza – Habas Lihi – Hamarneh Basema – Kohn-Tavor Achia – Lutan-Hassner Sara – Massara Daniela – Michel Anne – Nigro Lorenzo – Ovadiah Asher – Patrich Joseph – Puech Emile – Ricco Amedeo OFM – Sharabi Lena Naama – Tarkhanova Svetlana – Tchekhanovets Yana – Vörös Győző

Language: English, Italian, French
Number of pages: 416
Format: Illustrated book
Year of publication: 2020
ISBN: 9788862408189

Publisher: Edizioni Terra Santa
Collection: Collectio maior

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