Terra Santa Edizioni
Terra Sancta Organ Festival

Terra Sancta Organ Festival

Music from the churches of the Middle East and the Levant

15 pieces performed in Syria, Jordan, Israel / Palestine, Cyprus, Greece and Lebanon on the occasion of the organ music festival promoted by the Custody of the Holy Land in the Middle East.

“In the Middle East, where there is an organ there is a church, and where there is a church there is a Christian community. This is why organ music is perceived as a specific repertoire of high quality which Christians can offer to the culture of the different countries. Since 2014, the Terra Sancta Organ Festival has been a different way of telling the story of the Custody of the Holy Land (www.custodia.org) in all its extension, through its organs, played by some of the greatest organists at international level” notes Fra Riccardo Ceriani, head of the initiative.

Alexey Schmitov, Eugenio Maria Fagiani, Aghiad Mansour, Cosimo Prontera, Gunther Martin Goettsche, Marcel Octav Costea, Pavao Mašic, Jennifer Pascual, Robert Kovács, Antonio Di Dedda, Christophe Guida, Chris Paraskevopoulos, Cosimo Prontera, Céline Hjeily, Juan De La Rubia.
Musiche di: Johann Sebastian Bach, Luigi Vecchiotti, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Alexandre Guilmant, Louis-Claude Daquin, Giuseppe Lorenzo Pagnucci, Claude Debussy, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

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Language: Italian, English
Format: CD
Year of publication: 2018
ISBN: CD00274

Publisher: Edizioni Terra Santa

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