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Guide to the Holy Land - Eugene Hoade

Guide to the Holy Land

A Guide is in more senses than one out of date the day it leaves the press. This is especially true of a Guide on the Holy Land, where the pick and the pen are continually at work. And yet it can be honestly stated that the general history of the Land of the Book has not changed in substance for quite a time. But within the past 25 years our knowledge of Bible Lands has increased immensly, due to archaeological excavations and chance discoveries.
Our outlook has also changed. Former scholars were inclined to scepticism: today most biblical scholars are inclined to give a tradition the benefit of the doubt until evidence to the contrary appears. So far no excavation has contradicted what we know from the Bible, but it has filled in many lacunae, naturally to be expected in a Book which is primarily theological. (from the foreword by the author)
General Index: Geographical and Historical Outline – Jerusalem, the Holy City – From Jerusalem to Bethlehem – From Jerusalem to Dead Sea, Jericho and Jordan Valley – From Jerusalem to Nazareth – From Jerusalem to Jaffa-Tel Aviv – From Jerusalem to Beersheba – The Negeb – From Beersheba to Jaffa – Tel Aviv-Haifa – Haifa-Nazareth – Nazareth-Mount Tabor – Nazareth-Sepphoris – Nazareth-Tiberias – The question of the Holy Places – Spiritual Privileges-Decorations

Lingua: Inglese
Numero pagine: 823
Formato: Libro illustrato
Anno di pubblicazione: 1984

Editore: Franciscan Printing Press

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