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John Paul II. The journey of the Jubilee

John Paul II. The journey of the Jubilee

To the Origins of Our Faith and of Our Church

The pilgrimage of John Paul II to the Holy Land has been a happy occasion for the entire Catholic community living in the native land of Jesus Christ our Lord.

As a result of the Pope’s pilgrimage, the Jewish community of Israel has taken great interest in Christianity and in the Church, which has allowed more dialogue and more points of contact. At the same time, the Pope’s comforting words to the Palestinians ask us to continue and to intensify day by day our expressions of similar feelings, which is nothing but the traditional attitude of the Church.
By reporting His Holiness’s pilgrimage journey, this book is far from being a mere description of the Pope’s agenda or a collection of photographs – although it is certainly very well done in covering those aspects too. It rather represents a further testimony of a journey during which Pope John Paul II went physically and spiritually over many stations walked by a countless number of people along the centuries. All of them propelled only by their strong faith and by their desire to visit the places of the redemption.
(from the Introduction by Giovanni Battistelli, Custos of the Holy Land 1998-2004)

Lingua: Inglese
Numero pagine: 219
Formato: Libro illustrato
Anno di pubblicazione: 2002

Editore: Custodia di Terra Santa

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